New Frog Race 1.4 is out

I've been thinking about things that can add more excitement to Frog Race.
Then the idea was born that it would be nice to remaster scoring system
(I too, hate it when score goes down), add some cool bonuses and refresh the
overall look n feel.

And that's not all. We have really big plans,
and much more fun is coming up, just don't forget to update your app.

What's going on

I've been busy with this website for the last week, and didn't do much for the game.

But these are my plans on the next version:

I've came to a conclusion that the game was top-heavy on multiplayer, and needed an option to make it more single-person friendly.

So in the next version I've decided to implement a survival-like mode for single person with endless map, scores and world-wide raking.

Some devices startup issue

Yesterday I've got two comments that the game won't start on devices which were not mentioned.
If you have such problem, please give an in-depth description with your device model in Forum.
Take a look, I've replaced the old nasty forum with something much cooler.
I wish I could start working without having that additional info, but I really can't.

HTC Wildfire issue. Your Help Needed!

After uploading Frog Race 1.21 to Market, I've been given feedback by two users who stated that it wasn't running quite right on HTC Wildfire.

The first user wrote:

by Ole (July 27, 2011)
Die Grafik ist total dunkel und verschwommen. Ich erkenne fast nichts. HTC Wildfire...

After translating from German with google translate, I came up with the idea that the complaint was about game being too dark,
and that's why I uploaded version 1.22, which does not use the best graphics setting by default, but rather medium.

Frog Race Beta 1.22

Yesterday I've uploaded a new version 1.2.1 with new graphics and was forced to upload a new version 1.2.2 almost immediately, because I got a reply from users that screen was too dark and unplayable on HTC Wildfire phone. The only difference between the two is that the latter version uses by default medium graphics detail setting, and the former high detailed.


Frog Race Introduction

Frog race is based on a popular old-timer Frogger.

The main principle is the same: you help the frog cross the road, while avoiding being hit by a car.

So why invent something new when it's as good as it was in the past?

I personally think that you can make old things even better with the new technologies.

What is most important?

Frog Race site is online!

I am very proud to announce that Frog Race has now its own place in the internet!

Here you will find the source of all information considering the game.

For example, get help, share a cool idea to implement, report a bug, and get informed when it's fixed, get the list of supported devices and possible problems on them, download current and any of previous versions of the game, discuss it with other users on forum, and participate in features request poll.